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Purpose in Life, as an aspect of Life on Earth, has become an area of very significant interest for me.  This is because of a number of personal experiences in my Life, which are not dissimilar to many other peoples’ experiences.  These experiences have also moved me to take the Path of bloging online to you now about Life Purpose.

So please read on as I continue to post items here for you to read, hopefully enjoying what you come across, as I continue to move along this Path.

Having been learning and practising this online skill of bloging via Year of the Affiliate as part of my Purpose in Life journey, I may as well share this opportunity with you as well as the other ideas that I’m planning on sharing with you online here in the future.

Learn How To Blog

In the meantime, you can start by reading my earlier offerings on the topic of Life Purpose, which was set up under this bloging education opportunity that I now share with you.

But before going there, take a look a this super programme for finding your Personal Passion as another option to those I have on offer on my first blog site (some there are for FREE) to help you connect with what your Life Purpose may be as well as helping turn your Life Purpose/Passion into something that is useful to the World as well as to yourself in the form of an income stream.

May your Life Purpose journey be one full of Joy.

Victoria Powell

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